Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And another break in time

So again, I have not posted in a few months.  Time always seems to get away these days, and more often than not its being stolen by work.  I haven't actually gotten a chance to build anything recently, heck I even have a model that was ordered that I haven't even picked up.  But that's okay, because the reasoning is decent...

(Drumroll please)...

I'm buying a house!  Paperwork is all signed, settlement is on the 24th of May.  Once we actually get the house and move out of my inlaws, I will have so much more space and freedom to do as I please.  So, my designs for my new Fortress of Nerditude...in the basement of course.

Foldout table built into the wall.  3-4'x6', hinged in the center with support beam underneath it.
Bookshelves to store all of my books, models, and equipment
Spray box with exhaust fan
Modeling table to do all of my gluing and modeling

On a somewhat related note, I have been playing hard for a year now.  I make no secret of my nerd-dom, either.  But last Saturday, for the second time now, someone in my family has told me that I need to play 40k.  Seriously.  First time was my uncle, back when I was moving home.  Now, my brother has said the same thing,  But hey, I am now able to impart my gaming wisdom (and considerable library) to him.

So anywho, I intend to actually start assembling, painting, and playing once I get my house.  We shall see what I can do in the mean time...