Sunday, July 31, 2011

Battle of Guran Plains, Subjugation of Margoth

Epistolary Carrick stood on the hill overlooking the plains below.  He allowed himself a smile, looking over the forces of Hive Fleet Tartarus.  It wasn't the first time that they would meet.  On Addassartus and on Gunron, Tartarus and Angelus Mortis had clashed hard and fast.  He had been a part of both campaigns, and this one would be no different.  He looked to the sergeant standing nearby.

"Sergeant Yarro, assemble your terminator squad and follow me.  Sgt Estar, place half your squad at the back of the field, and take the other half with the razorback and surge forward.  Sgt King, take your assault squad with the Redeemer and ram it straight into the enemy lines," Carrick ordered.  "Drive the enemy back to their damned tendril and back into the deep dark of space!"

Subjugation of Margoth, Day 1

Four of us gathered at my house to begin this campaign.  My brother in law Michael, his girlfriend Becky, and my other brother in law Nick all sat to begin this.  Michael plays space marines and chose Chief Librarian Tigurius (renamed Joe) as his commander.  Becky, playing Orks, chose a Warboss (Warboss Waaaagh) as her commander.  Nick, playing as the Tyranids, chose a hive tyrant as his first commander.  He would later switch it to a Tyranid Prime named Hades.  I chose an Epistolary, Epistolary Carrick, in full terminator armor and carrying a storm shield as my commander.

The map was set up so that each person would have a spaceport and six surrounding territories with a single territory splitting each of the four areas.  Several buildings were randomly placed, and we all rolled off to determine who picked which spaceport.  After the stage was set, we all declared our attacked and played them out.

My Table of Nerdiness!!

So, 4 hours of construction and $94 in materials have crafted my table of awesome.  It's a 4'x8' table that actually folds in half and latches to the wall, making it store well and free up the room in my basement.  A special thanks to my father in law and brother in law for helping me put this puppy together.

I also have two shelves full of terrain, all modular for different board configurations.  I took several pieces of green felt and stapled it to the plywood to cover the wood and give a nice surface to play on.  It doesn't hurt that it looks like grass too!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Subjugation of Margoth, The Prologue

Margoth, an insignificant planet on the fringe of the galaxy.  Recently colonized by the Auretians with the help of the Angelus Mortis, it is a planet rich with minerals.  Nothing spectacular except for the secret projects occurring on its surface.  An Ork Warboss beaten into submission is held prisoner there, and the Auretians are looking for a way to subjugate these vicious beasts to their will.

A new hero emerges...

So, I've been playing for some time as the Blood Angels, and I usually play true to form with the high mobility.  Assault squads, dreads in drop pods, and the occasional Stormraven are my staples.  Every once in a while, though, I field a unit a little bit different.  Tactical and Devastator squads are rarities because they lack the mobility and close combat power of my assault squads and death company, but I do use them.  And thus, a hero emerges...

Sergeant Marius "Getsum" Estar.  Originally a tactical sergeant in one of my early games, he was the sole survivor of a demon prince attack on his squad.  He turned around and soundly defeated the demon prince himself, earning him the title of "Getsum".  Since then, I field that same model several times.  Sometimes he does little, other times he tears things apart.  But one thing he never does is die.  At least, not yet.

So now, without further ado, he has his own facebook page.  He really needed one, for all his glorious exploits. Oh yeah, that's right.