Friday, August 19, 2011

An acquisition for my brother-in-law

So, Nick's dad bought him a nice lot for pretty cheap.  Unfortunately, the idiot that shipped them didn't care about the lot at all.  The person even used rubber cement to assemble their models.  It is a pain to try to reassemble it.  I actually broke my knife blade trying to carve out the incredibly crappy cementing job this idiot did.

But hey, it was cheap.  97 Hormagaunts, 28 Termagants, 2 Carnifexes, 2 Tyrants, 1 Old One Eye, 3 Zoanthropes, 26 Genestealers, 15 or so Warriors, and a few other bits and fun stuff.  All for 270.  And then began the reassembly.

Almost every genestealer was broken, 10 or so gaunts were broken, half the warriors, both fexes, old one eye, and both tyrants...all broken.  It was a lot of work to attempt to put it all together.  But hey, now there is a large collections of stuff for him to use.  Plus, using the extra bits, we were able to cobble together some conversions.

A Swarmlord...also known as Turtle.

And a broodlord, also known as Dunce...

The models are legit WYSIWYG, even if they look a little strange.  I mean, the turtle swarmlord looks funny, but a little paint might make him look pretty nice.  Not my finest conversions, but it was fun to play with them. The swarmlord is actually a ravenor, which would have needed two more to even be taken.  The Broodlord was a genestealer that we didn't have arms for.  So hey, two models out of useless bases isn't too bad.

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