Monday, August 22, 2011

Subjugation of Margoth, Day 2

Day 2 of the basement campaign, a glorious day indeed.  After talking about the campaign with my uncle, I found that I had played the first round wrong.  Turns out, everyone plays only one game.  Using the turn order, Player 1 chooses the person they are attacking.  If they choose player 3 or 4, then player 2 attacks the other one.  If they choose player 2, then player 3 attacks player 4.  Then, two games are played and everyone plays.  Makes things a lot easier and quicker.

So we did it that way.  Becky attacked Michael, and Nick was then forced to attack me.  I played my game against Nick and helped out Becky and Michael, since they don't have the level of experience that Nick and I do.  Fun fun.

Our game:

Deployment...all my stuff, none of his.  Wave Assault mission, he split his army into three parts, one part comes in each turn for three turns.  Randomly decided, of course.  Nick is sitting over there drinking soda at this point.

Yay!  Stuff to kill!!

Sgt Getsum and a squad of Sternguard Veterans staring down a hive tyrant

Oh yeah....get some...

I ended up getting a victory for it, but as the defender it only meant that Nick the attacker didn't get a territory.  I ended up with a level, getting Master Psyker.  By the time that we finished our game, all 4 turns of it, Becky and Michael were....halfway through the top of turn 1.  Oi.

Pics from them:

Deployment, all round defense with Michael as the defender.

Halfway through:

So, she finally rolled 6 shots with an exorcist, targeting a normal squad of marines.  And the roll to hit with a BS of 4 (need 3s or better)

And the to Wound roll, needs 2s or better.

Yep, a bucket of fail that was.  Awesome.

She ended up winning with a massive gambit assisted by me.  Edged out in victory points by 76.  She took a territory.  So now Michael will be in slot one, choosing who he attacks.  Another day of glory will follow.

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